Our Management Team

Renee Echols

Firewater President and Owner

Renee is responsible for the management and growth of Firewater and its employees. Ms. Echols has over 35 years’ experience working with government and commercial nuclear clients in the management and disposition of complex radioactive and hazardous waste streams. Ms. Echols has a Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi State University and is involved in industry organizations including serving as the Chair of the Energy Facility Contractor Organization Group (EFCOG) Waste Management Working Group, East Tennessee Economic Council (ETEC), and Energy, Technology, and Environmental Business Association (ETEBA).

Zachary Morrison

Manager of Security Operations

Zachary is responsible for Firewater security staff performance, providing oversight and management of security operations on client site projects. Mr. Morrison has over 13 years’ experience as a shift captain performing safeguarding and physical site security of an U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensed Category I Nuclear Facility.


Radioactive and Chemical Waste Management Staffing and Consulting

Firewater provides both onsite technical personnel to work within client project organizations and consultants that support client needs.

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Security Missions

Firewater’s security work includes protecting government facilities from unauthorized access toprotect areas or classified material.

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Specialty Protective Clothing

Firewater partners with UniTech Services Group to provide high quality specialty protective clothing for personel protection from radioactive contamination.

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